Selectdec is dedicated to the principles of sustainable development and is committed to conducting all our operations with respect to the environment, seeking to drive down the impact of our activities by reducing waste and using resources efficiently.


Our environmental policy currently requires us to:-

  • Manage our activities in ways that reduce their environmental impact to a practicable minimum
  • Continually improve our environmental performance and the prevent pollution, through setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them
  • Operate a management system that ensures that our environmental policy is understood and implemented at all levels throughout the company


Sustainable development


Sustainable development is defined as 'forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs'.


   In particular to deliver this policy we endorse the following principles:-

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations and take any additional measures we consider necessary
  • Meet all commitments in our Safety, Health and Environmental Policy and standards
  • Conduct our business with integrity and respect human rights
  • Create a working environment for our employees based on trust and respect
  • Build long term relationships with our clients and suppliers
  • Provide appropriate training for our employees to implement this policy


Our environmental performance

  • Reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gases
  • Monitor and review the impact of our activities in respect of:-
  • Energy use
  • Greenhouse gas production
  • Water use
  • Hazardous substances to the air
  • Ozone generators
  • Ozone depletors


It is our intention to constantly improve where practicable our environmental performance with regard to the above.


Where possible we will promote water based paint substitutes to comply with VOC (volatile organic compound) reductions, although we ultimately rely on our clients and their specifiers.


Waste management - Reduce

We shall continue to seek ways of reducing the amount of paint purchased by simply checking the coverage rates detailed on the manufacturer's product data sheets.


Ensure that once opened, paints must be stored correctly. Replacing the lid firmly then inverting them for a couple of seconds, thereby creating a seal which prevents skinning. Store in an area which does not have extremes of temperatures and is protected from frost.



Whilst specification of paint and other materials is largely out of our control and is dictated to by the client/architect, we will endeavour to use products produced by companies with reputable sustainability policies.


Final disposal

Whenever disposing of waste coatings (paint and woodcare) and containers, we deal only with reputable waste contractors, to ensure that the regulations are complied with.


Where we are employed as a subcontractor, it is generally the responsibility of the main contractor (or developer) to source the waste contractor for disposal of our waste. Such a waste contractor will need to be given the relevant waste regulation code by us. According to the latest waste regulations (as given by the Environment Agency guidance document WM2) the general advice is as follows:-

  • Advised method of disposal for paint and woodcare
  • Allocate the waste regulation code for the item of waste according to the ICI Paints 'decision tree' and dispose of appropriately via the waste contractor most paints will be classified as non-hazardous and can therefore be disposed of generally in trade waste skips but solvent borne decorative products that remain fluid will be classified as hazardous.


Water borne decorative coatings

  • Water borne products will generally be washed out on site at the appropriate location
  • Only where dictated by the local water authority or client (main contractor/developer) will it be necessary to undertake more stringent processes for the washing out of water borne products
  • In this situation we will use the Dulux Trade Environmental Wash System whereby the resultant solid residue can be bagged and disposed of as an inert waste into skips or normal bins (this system is only to be used where prior financial agreement has been made with the client/main contractor/developer)

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